Coca-Cola launches first campaign for AHA Sparkling Water

Lauren Lapkus and Colton Dunn squeeze in as many "ahas" as they can into one conversation.

Coca-Cola tapped "Orange is the New Black" star Lauren Lapkus and "Superstore" actor Colton Dunn for "Can I Get an Aha?" its first campaign for its new AHA Sparkling Water brand. In the spot, created by Preacher, Lapkus and Dunn insert "aha" as much as possible into their conversation at a taco truck. "Sohamething to eat?" Lapkus asks Dunn who replies, "Yeah, I’ll take a Tahaco platter. I’m feeling a little fahamished." But Lapkus has a problem with him stealing her "Aha" thunder. "You’re doing maha thing," she says before revealing she’s just "jahshing." Aha!