Chocolate fans can now buy friends a 'GROUCHY' Snickers bar

The Mars brand has extended "You're not you when you're hungry" with an assortment of hunger symptoms in place of the Snickers logo

Snickers is extending its "not you when you're hungry" advertising theme to the point of sale with 21 US special edition bars bearing hunger symptoms such as "GROUCHY" and "IMPATIENT."

Mars-owned chocolate bar Snickers is following in the footsteps of Coca-Cola and Kit Kat by customizing its packaging, but with a less sunny twist.

The Snickers logo will be replaced on a limited run of the bars in the US with words describing how people behave when they haven't eaten, including "LOOPY" and "SPACEY". 

It is encouraging consumers to buy the bars for their friends with an ad featuring a man who operates a hotline people can call to have the appropriate bar delivered to their friend by bike messenger.