A very chill Blake Griffin welcomes Kia drivers to "The Zone"

That mythical sweet spot is a surprisingly trippy place in this ad for 2016 Optima

Oh hey. Didn’t see you come in. Yeah, it’s me, Blake Griffin, NBA star and permanent resident of The Zone. What’s that? Never been here before? Oh, you just bought a 2016 Kia Optima. Sweet. Allow me to explain.

See, just like being an elite NBA player, or an Olympic snowboarded, or an itty-bitty ballerina, people who drive Kia Optimas forever reside in The Zone. The handling and performance are just that awesome. Or so this funny and surprisingly well-acted new :60 spot from Kia and agency David & Goliath would have you believe.

Anyway, I’m actually in the middle of a pretty intense basketball game right now. Enjoy the commercial. Later.


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