Check this out, bro: Geico offers 'more' in new workout spot

Bro-tastic dudes want you to know that Geico offers more than just car insurance, bro-heem

Hey, bro-tato chip. Geico’s all about saving — and not just on car insurance.

In the company’s latest from The Martin Agency, "Flextacular," a couple of hardcore bros lift weights and chat about switching to Geico and getting "more," as in renter’s and motorcycle insurance. It’s the insurer’s latest attempt to remind consumers that it offers more than just car policies.

To accompany the ad, Geico has produced a series of retro online videos called "Brocabulary" tutorials that feature the same two dudes coming up with new variations on "bro." Each of the 12 videos also offers viewers a chance to buy T-shirts featuring the likes of Teddy Brosevelt, Edgar Allan Bro or a Brodeo clown. 


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