Channel 4 "go dark" by 4Creative

Channel 4 has littered London with posters advising people how to remain hidden from the state as part of a promotional campaign for its news series, Hunted.

4Creative created the campaign, which comprises print and other executions offering contextual tips to people should they ever wish to go on the run – eg. phone boxes contain posters telling people never to call their families, while Oyster card-holders that remind people their card is a tracking device will be given out around Tube stations. Starbucks will even issue handwritten cups telling people never to reveal their name. According to a spokeswoman for Channel 4, so much ad space has been booked that the average Londoner will see the ads 33 times over the life of the campaign. The ads promote a new game show on Channel 4 called Hunted, where contestants must evade detection by former police and security experts.


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