If Carlsberg did Movember ... It would use beer as shaving foam

Freeze-dried beer helps promotes men's health in this campaign from the UK

LONDON — Bearded hipsters, unite. Carlsberg has created a shaving foam made with hops to help its fashion-conscious clientele style their way into Movember. Carlsberg has launched a range of shaving products in support of Movember, the charity event that asks men to grow a mo' to raise awareness about health issues.

The beer brand has created a shaving gel, aftershave cream and a moustache cream made with 200ml of freeze-dried Carlsberg. The main ingredients in Carlsberg — hops, barley and yeast — have "beautifying properties" for hair and skin, the brand claims.

Carlsberg first dipped a toe into the world of cosmetics in June with the launch of its limited edition mens-care range.

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