CarLotz spoofs awkward parent-child puberty talks

A mom teaches her daughter about the used car marketplace in Arts & Letters Creative Co.'s ad.

Heart-to-heart talks with your parents can be awkward — even when they’re about used cars. 

In CarLotz’s spot "Becoming a Used Car Woman," created by Arts & Letters Creative Co., a mom prepares to give her daughter "the talk." 

"You’re going to be going through some big changes," Mom says. But instead of giving her daughter a chat about the birds and the bees, she lectures her on the used vehicle marketplace.

"You’re becoming a used car person," Mom says. "No, a used car woman. Soon you’ll discover the joy of buying, selling, even consigning a used car with CarLotz." 

Although the conversation is about used cars, her daughter still finds "the talk" embarrassing. 

"I had to learn this the hard way," her mom concludes. "Look at you, growing up. So proud."