Cannes Lions U.S. winners: W+K reigns supreme but FCB NY 'punches above weight'

Here's a list of every colored Lion all U.S.-based shops took home this year.

Another year, another batch of Lions make their successful pilgrimage across the Atlantic from Cannes to all parts of America.

As agency leadership decide where in the office should play host to these new trophies, let’s take a moment to reflect on who earned what.

U.S. shops took home a total of 14 Grand Prix, 69 Gold, 103 Silver, 122 Bronze, one Titanium Lion and one Titanium Grand Prix.

It was to no one’s surprise that Wieden + Kennedy Portland was among the top performers, securing two Grand Prix, six Gold, five Silver and three Bronze.

But agencies including FCB New York took Cannes by surprise.

Greg Paull, principal at R3 Worldwide, said: "This Cannes shows that while big ideas come from the usual suspects like W+K and Droga, there’s always space for big thinking from anywhere.

"FCB New York, David Miami, Area 23, JohnXHannes and others all punched about their weight based on the power of great ideas that affect culture."


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