Cannes Lions pick: Beats By Dr. Dre 'You Love Me'

The spot by Translation examines popular culture's contradictory relationship with Blackness.

Black culture is often celebrated in popular culture as a separate entity from the Black individuals who created it. Apple’s Beats By Dr. Dre explores that contradictory message in the spot, "You Love Me," directed by Melina Matsoukas, written by Lena Waithe and narrated by Tobe Nwigwe.

"You love Black culture. But do you love me?" Nwigwe asks. "You love how I sound: My voice, these beats, this flow. Not me though, right?"

The spot shows glimpses of stars including Naomi Osaka, Lil Baby, Bubba Wallac, Janaya Future Khan and more as they face the camera.

"You love how I look: My hair, this skin. But me? Nah," Nwigwe continues. "We don’t get to exist. We’re forced to survive. We still fight. We still play while the world burns, on fields that ain’t even level."

"Love me or not, we love each other deeply," he concludes. "You love my culture. But do you love me? What a world that would be."

"You Love Me" sparked conversation when it was released in November, and won a Bronze entertainment award at Cannes Lions.