Canadian Centre for Child Protection PSA documents child sex abuse survivors' lifelong struggle

The short film, created by No Fixed Address, calls on big tech to remove child sex abuse material.

Child sex abuse survivors live with trauma for the rest of their lives, but the abuse doesn’t always remain in the past. For many survivors, their abuse is documented in images and videos that are still shared online.

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection’s PSA "Unwanted Followers," created by No Fixed Address, follows a child sex abuse survivor throughout different stages in her life. The short film introduces her as a little girl, right before the abuse takes place. In the next scene the girl, now a teen, receives a text message from an anonymous sender reading, ‘Your videos are great."

Later, she attends a party, where a partygoer recognizes her. The film closes out by revealing the woman is now a mom. But the trauma from her sexual abuse still lingers, causing her to worry about her own daughter’s safety.

The spot promotes the Canadian Centre for Child Protection’s global tool Project Arachnid, which detects known images of child sexual abuse material and issues removal notices.