CAMPAIGN REPORT ON NEW MEDIA: New media agency profiles - Many of the new-media companies listed here are barely a couple of years old and are already doing well; others have a heritage that stems from traditional creative agencies that have moved with th


AGENCY.COM is part of an international network which was founded five

years ago. Its headquarters are in New York with offices in Amsterdam,

Copenhagen, Paris and London.

The London agency rebranded from Online Magic last summer after being

acquired by Omnicom. It then floated at the end of last year and Omnicom

now owns 49.9 per cent.

Clients include British Airways, Heineken and 3M. In February BA

launched an e-commerce division, naming as an exclusive

global services partner in a deal worth around pounds 18 million. Major

projects this year have also included work for Carphone Warehouse, and

It is also partnering the Barclay Brothers’ new-media operation, the Net

Media Group, in the launch of a portal for small- to medium-sized


In the last 12 months it has also launched a division specialising in

mobile phones with about 40 wireless professionals worldwide, headed by

David Eastman in the London office, and a European practice area for

interactive TV and broadband in alliance with the interactive TV

developer Visionik, which it acquired last year. As a public company it

needs to keep on an upward growth curve.

Chairman: Chan Suh

Omnicom subsidiary

Declared income 2000                     n/s

Declared billings 2000                   n/s

% new-media work                         100

Staff 2000 (UK)                          211

Clients: British Airways,Compaq, Emea, Heineken BV, The Net Media Group.


Grey Interactive came into being in 1998. Although not a company to hang

on to the apron strings of its parent, Grey Communications Group, there

are mutual benefits in working with sister company Grey Advertising.

Grey offers access to a larger communications network and staff

resources, while Grey Interactive in return offers digital solutions for

Grey’s clients.

However, Grey Interactive is working hard to position itself as


The agency now offers internet development, interactive TV and

advertising, wireless and systems integration work. Acquiring the

new-media agency Module Communications last May bolstered its


Major wins over the past year include the SmithKline Beecham oral care

business (Aquafresh and MacLeans), Airtours, Going Places, the British

American Tobacco corporate site and the e-commerce website for Direct


In a significant move for the internet giant, Procter & Gamble, Grey

partnered with Cable & Wireless in an interactive TV trial to

personalise haircare advice for Pantene.

Grey Interactive has doubled in size over six months, and aims to have

100 staff in place by July. Over the next year it wants to follow the

market by changing its emphasis to management consulting and strategic

brand planning.

Chief executive: Brian Lee

Grey Communications subsidiary

Declared income 2000             pounds 3.5m

Declared billings 2000                   n/s

% new-media work                         100

Staff 2000                                85

Clients: Procter & Gamble, SmithKline Beecham, PricewaterhouseCoopers,

Airtours, Autobutel, Direct Holidays, Going Places.


Set up in 1995, the UK agency AKQA now has 120 staff. Its operation is

split between the US and Europe, with the declared income for the UK

agency reaching pounds 21 million.

This time last year it reorganised its business and created the AKQA

Consulting Group to run alongside the AKQA Communications Group. The

latter will keep a focus on digital marketing communications, branding

and interface design. Matthew Treagus was appointed chief operating

officer and Ajaz Ahmed chairman and chief executive officer, with James

Hilton as executive creative director.

In the past year it has won a position on the Nestle roster with work

for KitKat, as well as for Energizer Europe.

It has also won work from Pret a Manger, Expedia, Littlewoods, Saga

Holidays and for Sega Europe’s Dreamcast. This year the agency has done

work for Land-Rover and on the Mini site.

The agency prides itself on its technical expertise with 60 per cent of

its staff on the technical side, and aims to compete with IT


It has developed its own software with the help of its client


As a competent standalone agency, AKQA is worth watching to see if it

succumbs to acquisition in the future.

Chairman: Ajaz Ahmed

Declared income 2000              pounds 21m

Declared billings 2000                   n/s

% new-media work                         100

Staff 2000                               120

Clients: BMW, Orange, Nike, Sainsbury’s, Microsoft.


Acquired in late 1998 by Leo Burnett, Hard Reality was one of the early

small independent new-media agencies, and is now flourishing within a

larger agency group.

Through its connection with Burnetts, it has developed online projects

for a range of FMCG clients, including Kellogg, Express Newspapers,

Unilever and Heinz.

To date the agency has around 20 staff and billings of pounds 1.8


Its most recent work includes the creation of, the

official Cannes Advertising Festival site, and work for McDonald’s.

Hard Reality began life in magazines with G-Spot. Since its move into

new media it has completed a number of projects with Haymarket. It has

developed websites for Campaign, Revolution (both the UK and the US

sites), IT Training and an e-mail service for PR Week.

More recently it developed for Kellogg’s milk and cereal

bars. It has also been working with internet start-ups including

Freedomi and

It seems well placed to take advantage of the growing new-media market

and work with other blue-chip Burnetts clients as they develop more

internet and interactive TV projects.

Managing partner: Mark Westall

B COM3 subsidiary

Declared income 2000          pounds 550,000

Declared billings 2000           pounds 1.8m

% new-media work                         100

Staff 2000                                20

Clients: Kellogg, McDonald’s, Haymarket Management Publications,

International Advertising Festival (Cannes Lions).


Of the new-media companies borne out of UK advertising agencies, BMP

Interaction, 100 per cent owned by Omnicom is one of the new-media

success stories. It has grown from a three-man operation at BMP DDB to a

standalone, fully fledged independent in just a couple of years.

Recent new-business wins include,,

Volkswagen, AltaVista, Granada’s G-Wizz, Sony, Compaq and Tango.

One of its biggest projects to date has been the development of, Pepsi’s music portal, which reinforced the relationship

that had been established between the soft drinks company and music.

A strong suit has been in straddling the gap between online media

planning and buying and strategy. It is strong in both areas, giving it

the feel of a truly full-service new-media agency.

With 51 staff it is one of the bigger agencies. And with the launch of

the new interactive television division, BMP tvi, this month it is

expanding its offering.

BMP Interaction can, on past record, only continue to grow and ensure

that its place is secured as one of the UK’s leading new-media


Managing directors: Jason Goodman, Chris Rayner

Omnicom subsidiary

Declared income 2000               pounds 2m

Declared billings 2000            pounds 16m

% new-media work                         100

Staff 2000                                51

Clients: Compaq, Barclaycard, Pepsi, AltaVista,


CCG.XM is the new incarnation of Bates Interactive, renamed this year in

line with the rest of the global network.

The agency, which was established in 1994, has had a good run of new

business recently and has pulled in some impressive clients. Billings

have risen to pounds 2.2 million and staff numbers have almost doubled

to 50 this year.

This dramatic growth in staff numbers reflects the body of work going

through the agency and is an indication that the shop has found its


The charity War Child, the drinks manufacturer Rivella and Warner

Brothers were among the new wins over the past year.

Most recently CCG.XM won the high-profile project to redevelop the 10

Downing Street website, It picked up the account after

a pitch against BMP Interaction, which had developed the client’s first


It also picked up an award for its work on the Portman Group’s website,, at the International Advertising Awards at the end

of last year.

The agency recently lost its creative director, Patrick Semple, to IMP’s

new-media agency, Blue Marble, but he was quickly replaced by Phil

Tarvar and Joe Dear.

The next year will show if this promotion has done the trick, as Bates

International settles into its branding as CCG.XM.

Managing director: Mike Crossman

Cordiant subsidiary

Declared income 2000             pounds 2.2m

Declared billings 2000           pounds 2.7m

% new-media work                         100

Staff 2000                                50

Clients: Cable & Wireless, Halifax, Schering, Shell International, HM

Government, Compaq.

CIRCLE.COM is one of the newer names on the new-media block. Part of the

Havas-owned Snyder Group, it was formed last year as Snyder followed the

example of other large agency networks and formed its disparate

new-media units into a single operation.

In the UK, was formerly Brann Interactive.

As Brann it was always more or less a regional agency with its

headquarters in Bristol. It has a London office but this has yet to show

strong signs of growth. And the recent acquisition of Snyder’s agencies

by Havas has put a question mark over its future.

However, the agency has an impressive client list, which includes

Guinness, Adidas, Peugeot, HSBC and Sainsbury’s. Its work for Guinness,

a celebrated win from the long-time Guinness agency Ogilvy & Mather, has

earned it several plaudits.

It is also starting to benefit from its international connections from offices in the US, with work from IBM flowing into the


With its roots in direct marketing, should have an advantage

as far as one-to-one marketing is concerned. What the Havas connection

spells for the future is unclear. Some kind of shake-up or even merger

is expected.

Managing director: Tim Beckett

Havas subsidiary

Declared income 2000                     n/s

Declared billings 2000                   n/s

% new-media work                         n/s

Staff 2000                               n/s

Clients: Guinness, Adidas, Peugeot, HSBC, Sainsbury’s.


Having been voted Campaign’s new-media agency of the year last year, the

hubbub surrounding Deepend’s Scrutton Street offices shows no sign of


Deepend has consistently kept ahead of the technology game, offering

solutions in web, mobile, digital TV, animation, video production and

game concept and development.

New business in the past year includes developing and rebranding Yellow

Pages online offering Yell,, a portal hosting official

websites for rock and pop bands, and an interactive treasure hunt Tango


It redesigned talk21 for BT, and its Hoover work has notched up a

healthy run of awards, as has recent work for the Design Museum.

It developed Carphone Warehouse’s interactive TV game on Open.

Also this year the Deep Group was launched, an umbrella company

comprising Deepend and the digital consultancy Airtight, Glue Media and

the systems database outfit Backend.

Staff numbers have doubled to more than 90. Promotions have included

Andrew Leith and Fred Flade to the positions of creative and design

director respectively.

Next year Deepend plans to roll out to satellite offices



Deep Group company

Declared income 2000             pounds 3.9m

Declared billings 2000           pounds 3.9m

% new-media work                          90

Staff 2000                                90

Clients: Yell, BT, Cartoon Network, Design Museum, Tango.


Last year Lowe International took a minority stake in Head, turning it

into the digital media - creative and production - arm of Lowe &

Partners UK. Head works with other agencies in the group - such as

Decipher, Lowe Direct and Lowe Lintas - to offer integrated business

planning and marketing strategy. It also has a strategic partnership

with the online agency Underwired, offering ’relationship-oriented brand

marketing solutions in digital media’.

Clients Mars and Hewlett-Packard have been on board since Head was

founded in March 1997 by the chief executive Felix Velarde and the

creative director Jason Holland. Last year staff numbers swelled by 12

to 24 as a result of some impressive new business from Unilever,

Octagon, Vauxhall and UDV.

The only client loss last year was Bezign.

In January 1999 Head End Interactive Television launched to service

group clients in interactive TV. Head has developed websites for

PricewaterhouseCoopers, Unilever, Octagon, Lowe & Partners and Vauxhall;

carried out e-commerce work for Dun & Bradstreet and Lotus; produced

CD-Roms for Octagon; corporate intranets for Mars and UDV and done

interface design for Hewlett-Packard. Velarde has ambitions for the

agency to double in size again in the coming year.

Managing director: Felix Velarde

Lowe International subsidiary

Declared income 2000             pounds 1.2m

Declared billings 2000           pounds 1.2m

% new-media work                         100

Staff 2000                                24

Clients: UDV, Unilever, Vauxhall, Hewlett-Packard, Mars.


The Hub was founded in 1995.

It has doubled in size over the past year and now has 50 employees. Its

turnover has also doubled in one year and now stands at pounds 3.2


Account wins over the past year have included Centrica (British Gas),

Nintendo’s Pokemon, Prudential, Microsoft and Somerfield’s 24-7. It just

missed picking up the work for Unilever’s Van den Bergh Foods site when

it lost out to the Ogilvy Group after a five-way pitch.

This year the agency has been behind the creation of many sites. Work

has included The Discovery Channel’s online arm to its home and leisure

TV channel, which was launched late last year, and it contributed work

towards Somerfield’s interactive shopping ’experience’ which will run on

Open’s interactive TV service.

This follows up The Hub’s work for Woolworths’ interactive service on


On the creative front, the agency received various awards for its work

for the National Portrait Gallery.

With the continuing development of interactive TV in the coming year, it

will be interesting to see if The Hub’s work to date will stand it in

good stead and give it a competitive edge.

Managing director: Sam Rudder

Declared income 2000             pounds 3.1m

Declared billings 2000           pounds 3.1m

% new-media work                         100

Staff 2000                                45

Clients: Woolworths, Comet, 24-7, DHL, Prudential, PPP Healthcare.


John Lambert, an entrepreneur and the owner of a successful recording

studio, started Hyperlink in 1994, when the potential of the internet

captured his imagination. It began with four people in an office in

Covent Garden’s Neal Street; six years on the business is still

privately owned and now employs 120 staff.

The heart of the business is Hyperlink Interactive, which specialises in

designing and building websites. Its clients include the Evening

Standard (, Liberty (, Asda

(, and Allders ( The agency

considers itself strong in terms of both creativity and technical

skills, an example of the latter being the ’shopping robot’ it built for

the Asda ’valuemad’ site. Hyperlink also does media planning and buying.

Clients include the Post Office and Virgin BizNet.

’There aren’t many like us that have a good technical edge,’ Tim Jenner,

the managing director of Hyperlink Group and Hyperlink Interactive,


Hyperlink has a 50 per cent stake in the online relationship marketing

and internet customer acquisition software company Inceptor, based in

the US. This is seen as a bridgehead for US expansion.

Jenner says acquisitions are sought in France and Germany.

Managing director: Elizabeth Williams

Declared income 2000             pounds 4.3m

Declared billings 2000           pounds 4.3m

% new-media work                         100

Staff 2000                               120

Clients: Asda, Liberty, Evening Standard.


Although Icon Medialab’s strong Swedish roots are still apparent, the

increasingly international nature of its business was confirmed by the

recent relocation of its headquarters from Stockholm to Brussels. By the

end of last year, Icon had 1,056 employees working in 19 offices across

13 countries.

Last year Interpublic Group bought a 20 per cent stake in Icon Medialab

for dollars 20 million and Icon was named IPG’s preferred partner for

interactive services across all its advertising and marketing companies.

Icon’s aggressive growth was exemplified in the last quarter of 1999 by

the acquisition of four different companies, adding to its global

capabilities in design, technology and branding.

There have been changes in the UK too, with David King, the managing

director, leaving to run J. Walter Thompson’s new interactive unit


He was replaced by one of Icon’s four Swedish founders, Erik


UK staff numbers have risen above 120 but Wickstroem believes there is

still a long way to go, pointing out that Icon has 450 consultants in

Sweden, a much smaller market than the UK.

Recent activity includes the international roll-out of websites for and Sony PlayStation, and growth is set to continue

throughout the network.

Managing director: Erik Wickstrom

Declared income 2000            pounds 30.2m

Declared billings 2000          pounds 30.2m

% new-media work                         100

Staff 2000                               120

Clients: Let’, Scandanavian Airlines, Metropolitan Museum of

Modern Art, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.


The web strategy, design and production company Lateral is best known

for its work for Levi’s, including the award-laden Flat Eric online

advertising campaign. But the privately owned company, which began life

in 1997, now employs 23 staff and works with a broad array of clients

including Whitbread Beer, Nationwide, Pathe Distribution and EMI

Chrysalis UK.

Five directors - Jon Bains, David Hart, Simon Crabtree, Jill Maagard and

David Jones - own more than 90 cent of the company between them, with

the rest of the equity divided between staff. Lateral has 23 full-time

staff and claims to have doubled its turnover every year.

Recent work highlights include a rich media advertising campaign for

Nationwide using ’overts’ in which images such as a clapped-out car and

kitchen appliances moved across the screen to promote loan products.

There were websites for Lockets, pop stars Robbie Williams and Geri

Halliwell, the creepy Blair Witch Project movie and the beer brands

Boddingtons and Stella Artois.

Bains, whose priority is creativity, says that rather than grow too

large, a second-string agency will be created in the coming months.

There are also plans to expand into the US and mainland Europe.

Chairman: Jon Bains

Declared income 2000 pounds 1.3m

Declared billings 2000 pounds 2m

% new-media work 100

Staff 2000 22

Clients: Levi-Strauss, Nationwide, Pathe Film Distribution,

EMI/Chrysalis UK, Whitbread, Granada Media Group, Mars.


Modem Media, which started 13 years ago, has shortened its unwieldy name

from the lengthy Modem Media Poppe Tyson.

It was a long overdue decision from an agency that has had, of late,

something of a low profile, even though it is one of the larger agencies

in London.

With 93 staff, up from 70 from last year, it has a client list that

includes General Motors, IBM, and Mothercare. One of its most

significant wins of last year - and one that is all the more important

in wider internet terms - was its appointment by Vodafone to develop the

strategic branding for Vodafone Interactive.

As a company that is part-owned by True North, it has benefited from

working with sister agencies, including BJK&E (on, as well as

other agencies, such as Delaney Lund Knox Warren (on

As well as working on it was involved in a number of other

high-profile projects last year including work on Elida Faberge’s men’s

fragrance Lynx Voodoo.

However, one thing that it needed to do last year was to raise its

creative profile. It has appointed two new creative directors, Evan

Michaels and Steven Ward, from Icon Medialab and Brann Interactive


The results of these hirings should make an impact for the agency this


Regional director Europe: Tim Sexton

Declared income 2000                     n/s

Declared billings 2000                   n/s

% new-media work                         100

Staff 2000                                93

Clients: General Motors, IBM, Buy.Com, Mothercare, Unilever.


Ogilvy Interactive came into being two years ago under the stewardship

of OgilvyOne Worldwide. Last June OgilvyOne bought NoHo Digital as part

of a move to boost the interactive capacity of the Ogilvy Interactive

London office. Tim Carrigan, who founded NoHo in 1994, is now the

managing partner of Ogilvy Interactive.

The agency has recently recruited 15 new staff and will soon employ 100

people, concentrating on expanding its team of strategic


Revenue growth has quadrupled in less than a year and new business

coming into Ogilvy Interactive includes work for News International

(Times supplements), Avis, Guinness, Felix catfood, Private Eye and


The agency won the kudos for running the first national interactive TV

ad on Open in March for the Chicken Tonight brand, and has also won work

on Ford, American Express, Turner Broadcasting, Blue Square,

CampaignLive and Ford Credit.

Ogilvy Interactive remains at the forefront for interactive work for

existing Ogilvy clients.

The industry will be watching to see if Carrigan will add strategy and

vision to the good creative work that is coming out of its various

global offices.

Managing partner: Tim Carrigan

WPP subsidiary

Declared income 2000             pounds 3.9m

Declared billings 2000                   n/s

% new-media work                         n/s

Staff 2000                                85

Clients: Sony Playstation, American Express, Turner Movies, News

International/Times supplements, IBM, Unilever.


Organic London grew from two people who came over from the New York

agency and were reportedly ’drop-kicked into London with laptops’. The

London agency opened its doors in 1998, and over the past year the

co-founders - John Baker and Fred Fields - have built the team up to 65


Although almost a quarter of the company is owned by Omnicom, the rest

is owned by Organic London employees. The company went public in


Organic London has created a varied client base. Recent wins include,, Eyestorm, Uproar, the international direct dialing

account,, and special promotions for Emirates. It has

produced an online service for DaimlerChrysler, available to customers

and dealers.

Its media group has been working on Uproar, CDNow and PetsPark.

Organic is also behind one of the most talked-about brands this year, Despite the negative press surrounding the site’s now notorious

marketing problems, it remains true that reset the parameters of

brand building and customer service within the industry.

Organic London aims to bolster its offering by working on e-commerce

site development, interactive design, marketing, and media planning.

Managing director: John Baker

Declared income 2000         pounds 4m (est)

Declared billings 2000                   n/s

% new-media work                         100

Staff 2000                                85

Clients:, Daimler, Chrysler, LAW.Com,Tommy Hilfiger,


Razorfish UK was established only a year ago and is recruiting staff at

a rate of knots.

Last May it had only 40 employees; it now has 270.

The past year reveals a blur of buyouts, acquisitions and hirings, all

of which were intended to help the UK arm secure its position as a

strong creative outfit and a counterpoint to its US parent. The company,

which floated last May, has worked hard to expand its capability.

Razorfish’s partnering with the music writing and sound design company

Audio House has given it greater access to other services for clients

globally. Its acquisition of Fuel, an American broadcast company, aimed

to enhance the company’s ability to offer interactive TV. A similar

acquisition of I-cube, an internet technology company, has enabled it to

integrate digital work with consulting skills while doubling the size of

the agency.

In September Olof Schybergson joined as creative director from New


Late last year Razorfish helped relaunch as a global business

portal. It also built the website for the Millennium Dome. After

redesigning NatWest’s internet bank site, it launched a live wireless

application protocol phone banking service for the bank, reaffirming its

belief that the future lies in wireless.

Managing director: Mike Beeston

Declared income 2000             pounds 4.6m

Declared billings 2000                   n/s

% new-media work                         100

Staff 2000                               250

Clients:, NatWest, Oddbins, RAC, Millenium Dome (NMEC).


Syzygy has become a European agency this year. Part-owned by the WPP

group, it now has offices in Frankfurt, London, Munich and Paris.

The German operation was anchored at the beginning of this year when the

agency merged with United Media, one of the top ten German digital media

agencies, and a French connection was made in March with the acquisition

of the French agency NetForce.

Chris Robson is head of the new company as group chief executive and

Marco Seiler, the founder and managing director of United Media, is now

Syzygy’s president. Stephen Priestnall heads the London office. Last

summer Matthew Bagwell, from the communications consultancy,

Imagination, joined as creative director, while Syzygy’s founding

creative director James Closs now heads Bitbull, Syzygy’s digital

entertainment and gaming spin-off.

Last summer the agency launched Digital Fast Track, designed to cope

with short-term projects.

Syzygy’s new clients include the People’s Lottery, Barclays Corporate

Banking, QXL, and Siemens Communications Devices.

Projects this year have included work for Boots’ website and Pedigree

Pet Foods’ PetCat website. No doubt Syzygy will look to extending its

operation further across Europe in the next 12 months.

Chief executive: Chris Robson

Declared income 2000             pounds 5.5m

Declared billings 2000                   n/s

% new-media work                         100

Staff 2000                                80

Clients: The Boots Group, Telewest, Lloyds TSB,, Mazda.


Zentropy Partners, owned by the Interpublic Group, launched globally

last December.

As a network it already claims 1999 revenues of USdollars 50 million

across the US, Europe and Latin America. The London office opened in

January after a merger of IPG’s APL Digital, the interactive arm of

Ammirati Puris Lintas , and Shandwick Interactive, the specialist PR

shop also owned by Interpublic. It is headed by Alastair Duncan, the

former managing director of APL Digital.

Successful UK work includes site work for Fidelity, Birds Eye and


The Zentropy team also won a Cannes Lion for Peperami. UK clients

include AltaVista, UPS, Shell and several partnerships with

McCann-Erickson. Most of Zentropy’s revenue is generated in e-commerce

development and building business solutions.

Although the Interpublic Group also owns a stake in the new-media agency

Icon Medialab, Zentropy has struck a global partnership with

McCann-Erickson, also a group agency. So far this year offices have

opened in Paris, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Milan.

After many staff changes in 1999 at APL Digital, Duncan will want to

boost business in the coming year with a steady team in place.

Managing director: Alistair Duncan

Interpublic subsidiary

Declared income 2000             pounds 3.7m

Declared billings 2000           pounds 4.4m

% new-media work                         100

Staff 2000                                55

Clients: Compaq, Fidelity Investments, AltaVista, Shell, UPS.


The joint managing directors Georgia Hall and Ken Frakes own 60 per cent

of Zinc, which was formed in 1996.

The rest belongs to the Havas-owned direct marketing agency, Evans Hunt


Over the past year Zinc has doubled its staff from 30 to 60. And last

September, Zinc launched ZnSpace, a media planning and buying arm.

Microsoft and Vodafone have been on board since the interactive agency’s

early days. Past work includes the creation of Tesco’s e-commerce site -

from postcode entry through to store database integration. Zinc also

designed and programmed the Tesco site to work for Web TV, devised its

advertising opportunities and created the shopping brand to work across

all direct marketing and point of sale.

Three accounts picked up last year were Virgin Atlantic, Sharwood’s and

Wesleyan Financial Assurance. Since January Zinc has added Virgin

Records (EMI), Sony Music Europe, Associated New Media (Charlotte

Street) and Virgin Cola.

’We have not lost any business over the past two years,’ Hall says. ’Our

ethos is to work with clients on a retained basis, working alongside

them to boost their e-business. We want to have 100 staff by the end of

this year and we will move into new offices very soon.’

Managing director: Georgia Hall

Declared income 2000             pounds 4.5m

Declared billings 2000           pounds 4.5m

% new-media work                         100

Staff 2000                                60

Clients: Microsoft, Vodafone, Virgin Atlantic, Sharwood’s, Virgin Cola.


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