Burger King "#BetterToBeTheBurgerKing" by Buzzman

Few brands have a rivalry as bitter and catty as the one between McDonald's and Burger King - and even fewer seem to revel in it so much.

A case in point: Last week, McDonald’s France erected two billboards in Brioude, one of which was small and pointed out that a McDonald’s was just five kilometres away. The other was the length of a articulated lorry and included complex instructions guiding drivers to the nearest Burger King, more than 200 kilometres away. The point of the campaign, by TBWA\Paris, was to highlight the convenience of McDonald’s. Not one to take it lying down, Burger King and its agency, Buzzman, retorted with a film (borrowing footage from the McDonald’s campaign) in which a couple see the signs and then drive to McDonald’s – but only to buy a coffee that will sustain them on their journey to get a Whopper at Burger King.


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