In brief: London Fashion Week, Chinese New Year

In other news: Is Julia Louis-Dreyfus the right Old Navy spokesperson? ... More "Modern Family" love for Apple ... Derek Jeter's digital-media company bags Porsche

From the Campaign family:

Topshop screens live buying tips from London Fashion Week. (Campaign UK) The fashion chain gives its customers the chance to shop for key trends from the event – which kicks off this weekend – and will flag up related products on digital billboards around the UK.

Do Chinese New Year right, or don't do it. (Campaign Asia-Pacific) Is your brand doing business in APAC? Are you eager to get into the Chinese New Year spirit? Hold up: Damian Madden of Spectrum Group argues that unless you have a good reason to put your mark on the celebration, it might be better to sit this holiday out.

J. Walter Thompson Cairo scores global EgyptAir account en route to international expansion. (Campaign Middle East) The agency’s mandate: support the airline’s management in overhauling the carrier’s business and all-round customer experience. There will be increased focus on international markets as a source of growth.

Godiva won Valentine's Day social-media chocolate challenge. (Direct Marketing News) The Godiva and Ghirardelli chocolate companies both sponsored Valentine's Day sweepstakes on social media and both landed atop the social media engagement rankings. Godiva was the number one chocolate brand on Twitter and second on Facebook. Ghirardelli led the Facebook rankings and came in fifth on Twitter, according to Engagement Labs, whose eValue scoring process measured engagement, impact, and responsiveness of top confectionery brands on social media from Feb. 4-14.

Salesforce becomes Facebook Marketing Partner. (Direct Marketing News) Salesforce announced it has closed down its Preferred Marketing Developer program and joined Facebook Marketing Partner. According to Campaign Asia-Pacific, another taker is ReFUEL 4, a Singapore agency that specializes in crowdsourcing creative for Facebook campaigns.

Twitter users razz A-Rod's apology note. New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez’s handwritten apology to fans met with mixed reactions on social media, with some mocking his method of delivery.

From around the web:

At Old Navy, is Amy Poehler a tough act to follow for Julia Louis-Dreyfus? (Advertising Age) Since Louis-Dreyfus take over as spokesperson in December 2014, the contrasts between the two comedians are clear, according to Richard Christiansen, founder of Old Navy's lead creative agency, Chandelier. Poehler is "really an improvisational genius," he said. "We've ended up with hours of great, funny content." By contrast, Louis-Dreyfus is a very "trained" actress, Mr. Christiansen said. "For Julia, we're still improvising, but a lot of that stuff is a little bit more planned," he said. "She's studied. She's controlled. She's got a lot of great structure." If that endorsement sounds less than ringing, Louis-Dreyfus' numbers are also a bit tepid: Her outtakes have notably fewer YouTube views. Louis-Dreyfus' "Turpigen Interrupted" and "$2-$4-$6-$8: XMas Morning Gifts Are Great!" outtakes had just 3,200 and 4,300 views, respectively.

"Modern Family" gives Apple another free plug. (Advertising Age) The sitcom's iPad episode was a love note to the electronics brand ... And now the show has shot an entire episode on the iPad and iPhone 6.

Derek Jeter picks up Porsche. (Adweek) While his former teammate Alex Rodriguez fields mocking tweets, Jeter just tied up a deal between the sports-car brand and his digital-media company, The Player's Tribune.


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