In Brazil, insurance company uses radio to help drivers park without pain

Agencia Africa creates "Parking Radio by FMA" to show customers that FMA Brasil Insurance has their backs

Brazil can be a rough place for drivers — and for their insurance premiums.

In a country where parking sensors are built into few cars, FMA Brasil Insurance is offering an innovative way for drivers to make parking dent-free.

Created by Agencia Africa and installed at parking lots in major shopping centers in Rio de Janeiro, the activation includes signs telling drivers to tune to a spot on the radio dial for parking help.

As the car pulls into a space, proximity sensors installed in the parking space trigger a short-range FM transmitter to send the driver audio signals for dent-free parking. When the car stops, the radio plays the message that drivers can always count on FMA Brasil Insurance to care for their cars.

According to Agencia Africa, the pilot program helped thousands of drivers and boosted visits to the client’s website by 37%. Meanwhile, two major shopping mall groups are now implementing Parking Radio by FMA as a permanent service in their parking lots.