Brands rejoice on Twitter as gay marriage is legalized

After the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is officially legal in the US, brands showcased their pride on social media

Same-sex marriage is officially legal in the US. The Supreme Court announced its closely divided landmark ruling — 5 to 4 — on Friday. President Barack Obama, in a Rose Garden statement, said the decision represents a day when justice "arrives like a thunder bolt."

Brands across all industry sectors are tweeting their pride in the ruling, with some — such as Uber, Airbnb, and MasterCard — even incorporating rainbows into their profile images as a show of support.

The hashtag #LoveWins, in association with the decision, was trending on Friday.

Check out the tweets below:


Barneys New York


Hilton Hotels & Resorts


New York Red Bulls




Apple CEO Tim Cook also rejoiced on social media, regarding the ruling.

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