Bill Nye the gin guy: Bombay Sapphire explains the science behind gin and tonic

The ad spotlights the gin giant's new ready-to-drink canned products.

Bill Nye "the Science Guy" is known for making science fun. Now,he’s taking that approach to explain why Bombay Sapphire pairs well with tonic, diving deep into how juniper berries, "the basis of all gins," create the "tart, bright, herbaceous flavors we gin lovers love."  

"The lemon peel creates a surprisingly melon-like flavor, cassia bark adds cinnamon notes, and grains of paradise are … grains. Of paradise," he says. "Who doesn’t want that in their drink?"

The spot closes with a relaxed Nye informing his other self that Bombay Sapphire launched a new ready-to-drink gin and tonic. "Bombay Sapphire has taken care of the science," Nye #2 says. "You just enjoy the magic."