Big in France: Burger King celebrates Back to the Future Day with a 'hovertray'

The online ad by Buzzman packs in references to the time-travel trilogy

Today is Back To The Future Day: the date Marty and Doc visited in the second film of the classic time-travelling trilogy.

To celebrate, Burger King France has released an online film that is full of references to the classic comedy. The spot introduces Burger King's (fake) answer to crowded restaurants, the hovertray. The film opens on two men picking up their order in Burger King. One of them worries that they might not find a seat. The other says "Seats? Where we’re going, we don’t need seats" and reveals that their tray hovers. Well, that’s one way for food outlets to cut down on service costs. The film was created by Louis Audard and Tristan Daltroff from Buzzman, and directed by Roman Quirot through Les Improductibles.