BBDO NY's mannequin look-alike reinvigorates local missing child case

Partnership with NYPD and retailer K-Way puts a real face in a store front

In 2010, seven-year-old Patrick Alford, Jr., disappeared from foster care in Brooklyn. Despite extensive searches, six years later police have no leads in the case, so the NYPD partnered with BBDO New York to trying something new. Using computer projections of what Patrick should look like as a 13-year-old, a sculptor created a department store mannequin that looks like Patrick, down to his distinctive ears and bright red t-shirt. Soho jacket retailer K-Way will display the model in its high-traffic store front over the next few weeks in the hopes of generating new leads in the case. A dedicated microsite tells Patrick’s story, solicits any information viewers might have about the disappearance and allows other retailers to get involved.