Axe "These are the times" by 72andSunny Amsterdam

Axe expands its music platform with a new single and video for the track These Are The Times by DJ Martin Garrix.

The film focuses on an intimate and recognisable moment in music: sharing headphones with your crush. It tells the story of a guy, wearing Axe Martin Garrix limited edition body spray, and a girl who find a single earbud playing the same track. They follow the earphone wire and it takes them on an unexpected adventure, ultimately bringing them together. Fans can submit their own earbud-sharing moments for a chance to feature in the music video. The work was created by 72andSunny Amsterdam and directed by Riff Raff’s Ivana Bobic, who has previously collaborated with artists including Bloc Party and Hannah Wants. Axe Music launched with Martin Garrix’s Burn Out music video and has partnered with KYRA TV, Boiler Room and Spotify.