In Australia, Krispy Kreme fires up donut jukebox for American vintage flavors

From Australia: "American Classics" for Krispy Kreme by Digital Arts Network & Eleven

In Australia, Krispy Kreme has tuned into 1950s Americana with a jukebox-themed campaign to launch its new American Classics range. Digital Arts Network and Eleven have teamed up and created a custom donut box that doubles as a jukebox, thanks to a built-in Bluetooth speaker, intended for enjoying some exclusive Spotify playlists. Each American Classics flavor also comes with its own original theme tune, written and recorded in a Sydney studio. The four new donuts — The Big Apple Pie, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, Coconut Cream Pie and Campfire S’mores — are inspired by some of the more memorable flavor combinations to come out of the USA.


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