Athena Club flips the script on traditional shaving ads

The self-care company's spot acknowledges shaving as a personal experience.

Everyone’s shaving journey is different. 

How often people whip out their razors can be as varied as what they choose to shave. Athena Club, a self-care essentials company, celebrated people’s diverse shaving choices in its spot, "The Razor for However, Wherever, and Whyever You Shave."

The short film includes two young girls shaving their legs for the first time, a woman who shaves for the summer and an expectant mother shaving her baby bump. The spot stars U.S. Olympic track star Tianna Bartoletta, influencer Diana Vieras, gymnast Norah Flatley, and model Fabienne Heymans.

"Our bodies come out to play," the voice-over says. "And what is it that plays well with others? The curve-loving, body-knowing razor. The razor for however, wherever, whyever you shave."

This is Athena Club’s first OOH campaign, which will run on streaming and linear TV, digital channels and billboard and subway advertisements in New York City.