AT&T says don't settle for just OK in 2019

The network teamed up with BBDO, Critical Mass, Hearts & Science, Organic and Dieste to hammer home the importance of not settling for mediocre.

Campaign US hopes you had an OK holiday break.

Doesn’t sound right, does it?

AT&T doesn’t think so either. That’s why the brand launched a new campaign during the college football playoffs in which it stresses no one should ever have to settle for just OK service. Just as you or I wouldn’t settle for "just OK" when you pick a school for your child or the condition of a parachute before skydiving.

The advertising highlight the fact that AT&T is now America’s Best Network according to GWS, the country’s biggest and most comprehensive network test which ranks services based on what consumers say is most important to them about wireless.

The fully integrated campaign will run throughout January across all media, and was created by an Omnicom team including BBDO, Critical Mass, Hearts & Science and Organic. There is also a dedicated Hispanic campaign that was created by Dieste.


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