Arby's on Pepsi: "Well, Arby's messed up ... "

Arby's on Pepsi: "Well, Arby's messed up ... "
Arby's on Pepsi: "Well, Arby's messed up ... "

Arby's admits it messed up and forgot to honor an agreement with Pepsi. The result is hilarious

Arby's has been touting, "We got the meats" throughout 2014 in TV spots. In the process, the fast-food chain forgot, "We have Pepsi" — and admit as much in an honest TV spot.

A contractual agreement stipulated that Arby's include Pepsi in the creative of at least one more commercial. In a bind, Minneapolis agency Fallon created a self-referencial TV spot addressed to Arby's "friends at Pepsi."

The 30-second ad features the booming voice of Ving Rhames and a pint of Pepsi. That's it. Rhames explains the corporate faux pas and necessity of honoring Arby's agreement.

In a statement, Roberto Rios, CMO of PepsiCo's food-service division hailed Arby's move: “We applaud Arby’s unconventional approach to marketing and when they came to us with this idea, we thought it would be a fun, creative way to highlight our partnership.”


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