Apple's stereo speakers propel an epic dive in iPhone 7 spot

A bullfighter's song blasted poolside provides the soundtrack to a daring plunge.

In the latest entry in Apple’s "Practically Magic" campaign, a spectacular dive is inspired by the music blasting out of a man’s iPhone 7. A white-haired, fit older man is sunbathing poolside when he props up his iPhone, turns up the volume on "La Virgin de la Macarena," a traditional bullfighter’s song, and makes his way to the diving platform. The music builds up the drama with each step he takes and on-lookers watch in amazement as he climbs up to the top diver’s plank. He looks down at the iPhone glimmering in the sunlight for a last note of courage and takes his plunge. At first it looks like his spread-eagled form will crash into the pool in a belly flop, but it’s just part of his flourish as he finishes with a smooth entry. Shot at the panoramic Olympic pool in Barcelona, the ad, which makes its TV debut on Game 7 of the World Series, is an amusing and memorable showcase for the power of the phone’s new stereo speakers and its water resistance.