Apple picks a 'Sticker Fight' for iPhone 7

Instead of throwing food or punches, the marketer launches pop culture references.

The "I'm rubber, you're glue" adage doesn't apply in Apple's latest 60-second spot—everything sticks in this ad. "Sticker Fight" is an extension of Apple's "Practically Magic" campaign, which highlights new features on the iPhone 7. The latest edition reveals a new way to message with stickers, which are part emoji, part gif and 100 percent relevant in today's youth culture. Set to the soundtrack of the Monks' "Boys Are Boys and Girls Are Choice," the ad includes familiar faces like Minnie Mouse and Peter Griffn from "Family Guy" as actors slap stickers on one another's foreheads, clothes and even food. The ad will air on TV and digitally through pre-roll ads and social media first in the United States and later internationally.