Andy Richter is Julius Caesar for Avocados From Mexico's Super Bowl ad

The comedian attends a tailgate party at the iconic Colosseum.

 Over the years, many actors have taken on the role of Julius Caesar — but comedian Andy Richter might be the most surprising name on the list.

Richter portrays the former Roman dictator in Avocados From Mexico’s Super Bowl spot, created by GSD&M. In the spot, a group of Romans attend a tailgate party in the Colosseum parking lot. 

The tailgaters throw jabs at each other, even calling another group, "barbarians." 

The hostility continues until one Roman is spotted smashing up avocados. Everyone realizes they have a mutual love for the fruit, putting it on burgers, in burritos and making fresh guacamole.

Caesar (played by Richter) makes a cameo at the end of the spot. 

"You know, they also taste great on salads," he says. "I love salads. If that's what I'm known for, I'll be happy!"