The Alzheimer League "simplified stories" by DDB Brussels

The Alzheimer League is rewriting novels for people with dementia as part of campaign created by DDB Brussels.

People with early-onset dementia can find reading frustrating because they often lose the thread of the story. But reading should be encouraged, according to DDB Brussels, because it helps sufferers fight the disease by training their memory and forcing them to retain their language skills. The answer, DDB says, is to rewrite stories with shorter words and chapters, fewer characters, and a summary of the previous chapter at the start of each new one. The first book to be given the simplified treatment is a biography of the Belgian rapper and singer Stromae. It may seem like an odd choice but Stromae is hugely popular in Belgium and the book is something older dementia sufferers can read with younger family members. The book was rewritten by DDB and the publisher of the autobiography, Borgerhoff & Lamberigts, gave permission for its use.