Aldi "Christmas spectacular" by McCann UK

Robbie Williams voices Kevin the Carrot as Aldi's mascot returns for a fourth consecutive year.

The ad begins with protagonist Kevin tied to a grater by a Brummy Brussels sprout, aptly called Russell Sprout, and his gang of Leafy Blinders (revealed by the brand in a teaser earlier this month). Luckily, Kevin manages to wrangle free with the help of Tiny Tom (a tomato) before escaping the winter weather in a big-top tent, where Robbie Williams takes over the role of Kevin to perform a festive version of Let Me Entertain You.

Kevin first appeared in 2016’s "Christmas carrot" and most recently reprised his role in "Kevin the carrot and the wicked parsnip" last year. The work was created by Clive Davis and Andy Fenton, and directed by Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick through Stink.