Airbnb builds massive 3D zoetrope to show 'A Different Paris'

A team led by TBWA/Singapore created the giant rotating sculpture to portray the delights of the French capital

SINGAPORE — A team led by TBWA/Singapore created a giant rotating sculpture populated with more than 11,000 miniature parts in order to animate a visit to Paris for Airbnb.

A team led by TBWA Singapore and including miniature specialists Yippee Ki-Yay and Photoplay Film (both based in Sydney), as well as Singapore's Six Toes TV, created a 3D zoetrope, in which small differences in the placement of miniature objects and figures within otherwise identical scenes create the illusion of motion as the giant mechanism rotates in front of a camera.

The zoetrope, which went from drawing board to finished structure within three weeks, has an estimated 11,256 parts including 1,476 figurines. A 16-member crew of miniature modelers, model painters and construction carpenters spent 648 hours painting the miniature models and backgrounds, and another 2,340 hours populating the zoetrope.

The brand employed four different models for the live-action portion of the spot in order to make sure potential customers can see themselves in the French capital.



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