Airbnb asks its community to 'accept'

Online home-sharing service shares timely message of inclusivity.

Airbnb launched a timely video this week that showcases its community's commitment to inclusivity and acceptance. Portraits of people representing a mix of ethnicities and age groups are paired with on-screen type that tells viewers, "no matter who you are, where you're from or where you travel, you should be able to belong in the Airbnb community." The spot goes on to say that joining the group means making a pledge to treat all members "with respect and without judgment of bias." The video highlights the company's diversity and inclusion policy, as detailed in the Airbnb Community Commitment. While the company has had its share of critics accusing members of racial discrimination, the message is especially timely this week following a tumultuous, divisive presidential election. The ad ends with the reminder, "the world is a much more beautiful place when you accept."


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