Agency leaders: Share your personal mental health stories

The 4A's is teaming up with Made of Millions for Mental Health Awareness Month as part of ongoing efforts to erase the stigma.

Agency leaders are being encouraged to tell stories of their personal battles with mental health as the fight for greater openness and acceptance continues.

It’s part of a campaign by non-profit Made of Millions with the 4A’s this Mental Health Awareness Month.

The drive kicks off with "Dear Manager" -- an initiative that urges employees everywhere to take a stand for workplace mental health in a bid to create a culture of speaking out.

Simon Fenwick, 4A's EVP, talent engagement and inclusion, told Campaign US: "As someone who has suffered from mental health issues when I came out as gay and then later in life when I was put in uncomfortable ‘Boys club’ situations, I’ve made it my mission to help educate those around me on the importance of understanding, acceptance and acknowledgement.

"People need to know it is ok to be vulnerable and that having mental health issues doesn't mean someone can't do their job or fulfill their duties."

Made of Millions estimates that 44 percent of adults have experienced an increase in stress over the past five years, and 56 percent of employees say stress and anxiety impact their job performance. 

Aaron Harvey, co-founder of Made of Millions, added: "As a mental health sufferer and agency entrepreneur, I have struggled with managing my mental health in the workplace. By partnering with the 4As, we have the ability to bring workplace mental health policy and culture solutions to a vast member body, making an industry-wide impact at scale."


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