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ADLAND: Why talent creates lasting impact

Like Los Angeles, Anomaly is constantly looking to break boundaries - and this is only made possible by talent says Jiah Choi Partner and CEO at Anomaly LA

The creation of industries, movements, culture and innovation defines the history of Los Angeles, and the impact L.A. has had on the world, in the past and in the present, is awe-inspiring says Choi (pictured left). 

From some of the most iconic entrepreneurs in history to a new generation of innovators, L.A. embodies a spirit that is aligned with the ethos of Anomaly... perhaps most powerfully captured by GB Shaw over a century ago in his writing in support of being ‘unreasonable’ – we too believe all progress depends on it. Like L.A. itself, we are striving, hustling and creating ways to change our world. 

Behind the sunshine, palm trees, ocean waves and yoga classes lies a relentless entrepreneurial spirit as a new generation of talent, companies and creators start to call L.A. home. A beautiful and exciting convergence of entertainment, content, technology, engineering, creativity and innovation has created an energy in L.A. unmatched in the world right now. 

But it always comes back to talent. To tackle new levels of complexity and change in business, you need talent. To connect with an incredible diversity of people, fans and consumers, you need talent. To create and impact culture, you need talent. To design new systems, models and approaches, you need talent. To invent the next generation of digital and mechanical engineering, you need talent. 

And that’s what makes the city truly special and exciting right now. There is a broader diversity of world-class talent (in both skill sets and backgrounds) than ever before, fuelling new collisions of creativity and creation and driving unreasonable change in the community, the country and the world. 

With an agenda like that, in an environment like L.A., who wouldn’t want to work there?

Anomaly... in numbers

• 2.5 years old
• 2 offices on Abbot Kinney
• 10 blue chip client partners
• More than 800 tacos served during 'Taco Tuesdays' to date
• 489... the number of times I Like It by Cardi B has played on the agency Sonos

Anomaly... in a haiku

A 'deviation'.
A change agent for the biz.
Great views from the deck.

Culture snapshot
The name is the idea behind the company – founded to be a ‘deviation from the norm’ in an industry that is still driven by legacy models and ways of working that were defined 100 years ago. The world deserves and demands more. 

The mission we set for ourselves from the start is: to be the acknowledged ‘change agent’ of the communications industry. And after 14 years, the impact can be felt in the business – from our operating model, to how we get paid, to the type of work we do for clients, as well as commercial success with our own intellectual property (most recently with medicinal cannabis company, dosist). 

But it’s not enough. Change is the only constant in life. And as General Eric Shinseki said: "If you don’t like change, you are going to like irrelevance even less." A spirit of entrepreneurial restlessness is what defines Anomaly’s culture.

What we do

Allbirds "Meet your shoes"
Client: Allbirds
Medium: 360 campaign

dosist - IP and Business Creations
Client: dosist
Medium: Intellectual property

Los Angeles Rams "LA Together"
Client: L.A. Rams
Medium: Newspaper