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ADLAND: "Stay focussed on people"

People come first in our agency culture, our approach to work and our attitude towards technology and innovation says Tim Leake SVP and chief marketing office at RPA

Our job as an agency is to connect with people. "But wait," I can hear voices saying already. "Isn’t the point to help grow your clients’ business?" Yes. 

But there are lots of ways to help a company become more profitable says Leake (pictured left). The way we accomplish it is by connecting with people and building brand relationships. We’re awesome at it. And our clients have become more profitable as a result. We don’t accomplish it by, say, optimising supply-chain logistics. This clarity regarding our job is important, because our industry is changing at a head-spinning rate. It’s so easy to be blinded by new options, trends and technologies. But it all gets easier when we stay focused on people. It’s a North Star by which to judge all the new options, trends and technologies. With this clarity, our industry’s change isn’t confusing – it’s exciting. 

We’re passionate about great ideas – because great ideas are magical in their ability to connect with people and inspire them to care more about things they wouldn’t otherwise care much about. 

We’re passionate about technology – because we owe it to our clients to stay constantly ahead of the curve in finding effective ways to connect with people as their behaviour and tastes evolve. We’re passionate about data – not because it’s all anyone in the industry seems to talk about, but because data helps us understand and speak with people in more meaningful ways. 

Larry Postaer and Gerry Rubin established our agency more than 32 years ago with a focus on creating "emotionally intelligent" advertising that respects our audience. Since then, everything has changed – and yet nothing has changed. It’s still about people first.

RPA... in numbers

• More than 750 brilliant, yet humble people
•19 amazing clients
• 44 years as American Honda’s agency (our Honda relationship actually pre-dates the birth of the RPA name) 
• 32 years of independence
• 2/3 of RPA management (VP+) have been at the agency for more than 10 years.

RPA... in a haiku

Speak more human, please.
"Consumers" is a dumb word.
Why not say "people"?

Culture snapshot
We are People First. And since we’re independent, we truly have the freedom to be so. People First is a perspective we apply to our culture, our client partnerships and our work. 

We have a culture that values and supports our people, their lives and their professional growth. We aim to make people’s time at RPA the best time of their career. It’s a culture that empowers individuals and teams to work quickly and collaboratively, and to innovate outside the traditional boundaries of our respective disciplines. There are not many other places where you will find media, creative, strategy, tech, UX and behavioural science (to name just a few) constantly collaborating under a single roof. 

Our long-lasting client relationships come from caring about them as people, earning trust every day and delivering extraordinary results. And our work is built on emotionally intelligent creative, strategic and media ideas that build relationships between brands and people.

What we do

Farmers Insurance "We Know From Experience"
Client: Farmers Insurance
Medium: Integrated campaign

Honda "R vs R"
Client: Honda
Medium: Mixed reality activation

ampm "Toomgis"
Client: ampm
Medium/channel: Integrated campaign "Apartment Limbo"
Medium: Integrated campaign

Honda "Yearbooks"
Client: Honda
Medium: TV

Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation "Imaginary Friend Society"
Client: Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation
Medium: Online films & augmented reality app

Dole "Traditions"
Client: Dole
Medium: TV