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ADLAND: Creating ideas with the SoCal spirit

Collaboration is the cornerstone of our agency culture and Los Angeles is an ideal fit for our progressive ideas says Nicolas Van Erum, managing partner at Sid Lee Los Angeles

Sid Lee wants to change the world through creativity. What happens when a strategist, a designer, a writer, an architect and a filmmaker sit down together to solve the same challenge? At Sid Lee, this happens every day. Our approach of collaborating across disciplines is the cornerstone of our work says Van Erum (pictured left). 

With each brief, our collective of thinkers and makers builds a deep understanding of the underlying human behaviour at play. And through these multiple perspectives, we’re able to elevate our work, provoking innovation to shape culture, community and commerce, while growing the scope of influence of our brand partners. 

This robust collaboration, fostering partnerships that are open and progressive between colleagues and clients, is the starting point of our agency culture, while a key ingredient of the culture we cultivate internally are the cities in which we work. 

In so many ways, Los Angeles’ approach to creativity and business mirrors our own, so it’s only natural we’ve made a new home in a city internationally known for fusing diverse ideas. We’re keen to contribute to the SoCal spirit that is so influential worldwide, while the vibrant business culture along the West Coast affords us the opportunity to partner with a broad range of progressive brands that are ready to think differently, move boldly and solve business challenges with meaningful impact. 

A strong creative idea is more powerful when it connects deeply with humanity: when we focus on connecting with people – not consumers. Similarly, when brands are true to their core, their value and influence increase. We have a responsibility to reflect the times we live in, just as our clients’ brands have a responsibility to take positions. In doing so together, we create what matters. 

Sid Lee... in numbers

• 52 of Sid Lee’s 600 hearts beat in L.A.
• Our global team hails from 27 countries 
• We speak 23 different languages, and 25% of our US team speaks 2 or more languages 
• 5 dogs are brightening up our L.A. office 
• 350% growth in the past year. Yes. 350%
• 60 architects.

Sid Lee... in a haiku

Remember Bruce Lee?
He kicked ass and took names.
Yea, We’re not related.

Culture snapshot
Sid Lee’s mission has always been to produce work that is ambitious, impactful and relevant. Relationships we cultivate are built on trust and the removal of boundaries between people and disciplines. Our artisans are caring, progressive, bold, persevering and we believe that everyone benefits when we empower people to create what matters. For more than 20 years, Sid Lee Collective has been our creative incubator that helps fund, produce and exhibit the passion projects of our employees and fearless artisans. More than 500 highly artistic ideas and projects came to fruition throughout the world.

What we do

Yahoo! Fantasy Football "Feel the Wins"
Client: Yahoo! Sports
Medium: Multimedia 

The North Face "Margo Moves Mountains"
Client: The North Face
Medium: Outdoor, experiential

Stella Artois "Le Savior"
Client: Stella Artois
Medium: Experiential, digital

The North Face "Walls Are Meant For Climbing"
Client: The North Face
Medium: Outdoor, experiential

Sundance Institute "Sundance Film Festival 2019"
Client: Sundance Institute - Monica Halpert
Medium: Brand design, multimedia 

5800 Harold "Harold Way"
Client: Tanner & White Properties, Inc.
Medium: Residential architecture

adidas "The Sanctuary"
Client: adidas x Concepts
Medium: Retail design