Hey You logo showing smiling face on thumb making a thumbs up

Do brands have a place on a social platform that tries to stay out of your life?

Social network Hey You reminds you to call your loved ones once a week, then fades into the background, leaning into a trend of desire for more authenticity on social media.

Dentsu logo on a smartphone

Dentsu continues strong growth trajectory in Q2

The network's Customer Transformation & Technology division grew 22.25%, powering overall gains for a second straight quarter.

Woman and older woman sitting on park bench

Is your brand really talking to everyone?

Women over 40 wear makeup and stylish clothing, drink beer, buy cars, travel to resorts and just about every other thing that we currently market only to younger people.

iPhone live streaming influencer shopping on Facebook app

The end of Facebook Live Shopping: How will it impact ecommerce?

Brands will no longer be able to host any new or scheduled Live Shopping events on Facebook from October 1. Industry experts weigh in on how this will impact brands.

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Will brands ‘trade down’ from advertising to PR as recession bites?

With the Bank of England predicting that we will soon enter a recession, the UK waits nervously, but there is hope that, among the chaos, the consumer PR industry will be afforded a new opportunity to shine.

Stock art of a Netflix screen

Netflix ventures into Decentraland to promote 'The Gray Man'

The streaming giant makes another move in gaming with its first step into the crypto-focused metaverse platform.

Repeating pattern of megaphones

Attention metrics are becoming more nuanced, but are brands ready to use them?

Agencies and tech providers are building a more sophisticated understanding of consumer attention, but they face cultural and infrastructure challenges in convincing advertisers to convert to a new currency.

Tia Kofi as an avatar (left) and in real life with a VR headset (right)

Meta backs drag style to showcase metaverse tech

Three aspiring designers to use VR to create looks for three drag acts.

Campaign Chemistry

Campaign Chemistry: Wisp CMO Monica Cepak

CMO of the reproductive telehealth company talks about educating consumers and its newly launched abortion telehealth service.

Campaign US Movers and Shakers wordmark

Movers & Shakers: The New York Times, Arizona, General Mills, Horizon Media and more

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