Samsung cracks down on satirical 'exploding phone' GTA videos

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Samsung appears to have taken action against YouTube users posting videos showcasing a mod in Grand Theft Auto V, in which bombs are replaced by exploding phones.

The brand’s Galaxy Note 7 was recalled and eventually discontinued this month, after numerous reports of handsets catching fire.

Some YouTube users have said their videos have been blocked on the platform following a copyright complaint, the BBC reports.

US gamer DoctorGTA said in a video that restrictions had been put on his YouTube account after Samsung complained.

"It's going to take three months to get the strike removed from my channel ... I got my live stream taken away," he said.

"If I submit a counter-notification to say 'sue me,' I wonder what they will do. Will they sue me, the kid that has cancer and just makes money off YouTube playing a video game?"

"It really sucks, because I really worked hard on this channel."


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