The Recommendation Engine: Iris' Graham Tucker

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When this copywriter isn't busy running his own record label, he can be found watching nostalgic TV shows and sharing YouTube links of obscure Swedish R&B songs.

What I'm watching
I just finished "Star Trek: The Next Generation," and now I'm watching a series from 1991 called "Fishing with John," starring actor and musician John Lurie. It's absurdly funny. In one episode, John takes Willem Dafoe fishing. In another, Tom Waits sticks a fish down his pants. Highly recommended. I watched both on Hulu using my Wii U.

What I'm listening to
STAYCORE 117, Labrador Records, and sincerely yours' SoundCloud feeds streamed everywhere and often. I have a thing for experimental pop out of Sweden, and maybe, the rest of the world should, too. Maybe that's why I started a label (which, I guess, makes me my own biggest fan). 

What I'm reading
"Facing the Bridge" by Yoko Tawada in paperback. (This is going to sound pretentious, but whatever.) It's a collection of short stories weaving mythology and magical realism through ideas of non-identity and relocation. Tawada's a weird and wonderful soul that I relate to.

Who I'm following
@agneskarin on Instagram. Come for the horses, follow for the landscapes.

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What and who I'm ignoring
My age, cars in the bike lane, and people who refuse to use serial commas. [Editor's note: Campaign doesn't use serial commas. We are making an exception for Graham]