Lifebuoy folds clean message into Chinese New Year

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Lifebuoy's "red packets" are made of paper soap.
Lifebuoy's "red packets" are made of paper soap.

A campaign by BBH Shanghai deploys "red packats" that can hold money and help recipients tidy up afterwards

In honor of Chinese New Year Thursday, Lifebuoy in China staked a claime to a key tradition of the celebration while folding in messaging about its "germ-free" promise.

A campaign conceptualized by BBH Shanghai has Lifebuoy creating and distributing "red packets" (hong bao), in which elders offer money to their loved ones. The envelopes have been made from anti-bacterial soap, so that after the exchange of (currency) notes, they can be used to wash. In effect, the campaign elevates paper soap as a seamless part of the celebration.

The campaign claims that, $5 billion is exchanged during the festival, accompanied by an exchange of germs — for which the Lifebuoy "red packets" offer a solution.

Campaign credits

Client: Lifebuoy
Agency: BBH Shanghai
Creative director: Johnny Tan

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