Johnnie Walker walks through 2015 in TV spot

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Johnny Walker ad: celebrates what the future might hold
Johnny Walker ad: celebrates what the future might hold

The ad was created for the U.S. market by BBH London

Feeling the January blues and embarking on a month of alcoholic abstention? Then ditch your plans, pour yourself a Johnnie Walker and watch this stylishly cheering TV ad for the famous whiskey brand.

"The first step of a new year," the voiceover intones. "We’ll all take one. But where will a step take you?"

The 75-second spot depicts a male protagonist walking in a seamless take from one set to another, each representing some of the highlights and challenges any individual might experience in the year to come.

His journey takes him from a bar on New Year’s Eve, through Chinatown, in through the door of a menswear store and out through the fuselage of an airliner, has him sprinting along a travelator, jumping irreverently onto a boardroom table surrounded by stuffed shirts, before he launches up into the darkness of the unknown and, with pleasing symmetry, lands back in a bar, at the end of 2015, where he has a glass of Johnnie Walker.

"The New Year begins with the next step," concludes the gravelly voiced narrator. "How far will it take you?"

Campaign credits

Client: Johnnie Walker
Agency: BBH London
Creatives: John Patroulis, Gerard Caputo, Mikio Bradley, Klara Lindberg

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