In India, Volkswagen fuels up on legacy for 'fun, new' Beetle

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Automaker breezes through brand's colorful history

MUMBAI — Volkswagen has rolled out an adby DDB Mudra West for its iconic Beetle.

The film begins with the image of a gray Beetle, while the narration describes the car’s unique contours and place in history, citing miniskirts, peace-loving rebels and other hallmarks of the ‘60s. The video shows fans trying to re-create the Beatles' "Abbey Road" album cover, which sports a Beetle in the background. The film also shows viewers a variety of Beetles, big and small. The film progresses to reveal what the 21st century Beetle looks like, as it glides down the road. A ‘Bookings Open’ text greets viewers before the film ends with a super reading, "Think Fun. Think New."

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