'Gingerbread BNB' by McKinney

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'Gingerbread BNB' by McKinney. Photo by Tony Pearce.
'Gingerbread BNB' by McKinney. Photo by Tony Pearce.

The agency's virtual gingerbread-house booking service helps real families find shelter

DURHAM, N.C. — Agencies have a history of creative holiday work, and this year agency McKinney has created a campaign for good on a website called Gingerbread BNB.

Visitors to the website gingerbreadbnb.com can book a virtual gingerbread home: a modern prarie-style home; a rustic cabin; or a kitschy, cozy camper. A McKinney representative said the agency is proud of the dead simple UX (user experience) that makes the site easy to use.

By "booking" a gingerbread house for $5, $10, $20, visitors help a real family in New York get a warm place to stay via the Robin Hood organization. Of course, you get what you pay for and the $5 camper comes with only "half candy bathroom (will not fit all gingerpeople)."

Website: gingerbreadbnb.com

All photos by Tony Pearce

Campaign credits

Client: McKinney
: McKinney
Campaign: Gingerbreadbnb
Chief Creative Officer: Jonathan Cude
Executive Creative Director: Peter Nicholson
Art Director: Cody Pate
Copywriter: Zac Milner
Designer: Alexandria Jarvis
Photographer: Tony Pearce
Prop Designers: Prop Tarts
Senior Producer: Megan Wade
Art Producer: Stephanie Witchger
Account Director: Mary Liao
Project Manager: Leah McCann
Programmers: Beth McKnight, Brandon Waring
QA: Joe Levinski
Hand-Drawn Typographer Extraordinaire: Alex Nassour


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