Campaign Viral Chart: million shares for OK GO 'zero gravity' music video

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Band's latest stunner tops this week's list of the world's most-shared videos

1. S7 Airlines and OK Go "upside down and inside out" by Damian Kulash and Trish Sie

The band filmed the music video in a plane and says it was shot in "zero gravity". They play around with the atmosphere, releasing colourful balls and jumping around. The film has been shared one million times.

2. Coca-Cola "Hulk vs Ant-Man" by Wieden & Kennedy

In a battle between Marvel comic characters, Ant-Man steals a mini can of the soft drink from Hulk and is chased for it, but then Hulk struggles to open it. The ad has been shared 121,547 times this week.

3. Mountain Dew "puppymonkeybaby" by BBDO New York

A half-baby, half-monkey creature repeating "puppymonkeybaby" hands three men an energy drink and gets them up for a night out. The ad has been shared 42,572 times this week.

4. Coca-Cola "Sebastián Villalobos en el amor"

The vlogger talks about his relationships. The video has been shared 27,277 times this week.

5. Acura "#DriveAcuraNSXContest" by RPA


Tag a friend and #DriveAcuraNSXContest to enter to win an Acura NSX driving experience for two.NoPurNec Rules:

Posted by Acura on Friday, 29 January 2016

Viewers see the making of the car out of a block of metal. The social campaign asks people to tag a friend to be in with a chance of winning a driving experience. It has been shared 19,826 times.

6. Fox Sports "Jeff Gordon police chase"

The reporters follow a car chase that seems to be leading to the Fox studio. When the suspect exits the car outside the studio it turns out to be Jeff Gordon, a new presenter for the channel.

He is surrounded by police and explains that he was just on his way to work. A policeman responds saying that all they wanted was a selfie.

The ad has been shared 13,826 times this week.

7. Hyundai "first date" by Innocean Worldwide

Kevin Hart stars in the ad and uses the Car Finder feature of the car to follow his daughter on a date.

In the hilarious ad he offers the young couple his car, and then pops up at the cinema and the fairground giving the boy a dirty look every time he makes a move on Hart’s daughter.

The as has been shared 12,563 times in the past week.

8. Heinz "wiener stampede" by David Miami

In another Super Bowl ad still in the chart, dogs dressed as hot dogs run towards their owners who are dressed in different Heinz products such as ketchup and mustard.

The spot was shared 12,341 times in the past seven days.

9. Burger King "Grilled Dogs ft. Snoop Dogg" by Code and Theory

The rapper Snoop Dogg stars in what the brand calls an internal training video promoting the hot dogs. He tells viewers how they are made in classic Snoop Dogg style. The ad was shared 8,877 times in the past seven days.

10. Android "monotune" by Droga5

The mobile phone brand wanted to find out what a piano would like if all the keys were tuned to middle C. A pianist switches between two pianos, one that has been re-engineered, as he plays some music.

At the end the copy reads: "Be together. Not the same." The spot was shared 8,466 times in the past week.

The chart was compiled by Unruly.


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