Amazon Prime keeps it cute with another animal act

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"Little Friend" by UK agency Joint features a tiny horse with roommate issues

LONDON — Amazon Prime's new TV spot continues the established formula, with someone using Amazon's next-day delivery service to solve an adorable dillemma.

The ad, created by UK agency Joint, deals with a tiny horse that is rejected by its much larger stablemates and so gets the run of its owner’s house thanks to a hastily purchased (and oversized) cat flap.

Like previous Amazon Prime spots, the new ad features a quirky soundtrack — in this case, Sonny and Cher’s "Little Man."

This is the third TV spot created by Joint for Amazon Prime. The last ad, "Best Friends," was released in August and became a hit in the US. The new ad is currently running in Germany and the UK; Amazon has yet to announce whether it will air here.

Campaign credits

Client: Amazon
Agency: Joint
Agency team: Damon Collins + Richard Exon + Lori Meakin + Algy Sharman + Claudio Gorini + Josh Harris + Toni Barker
Director: Kevin Thomas
Production company: Thomas Thomas


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